Tour Diary

Who are you calling Huxley? 21 January. Berlin.

Who are you calling Huxley? The day after the Dresden gig, ostensibly a day off, in truth was a travel day. We had planned a late check out. Dougie calls and says our Berlin Hotel rooms are available earlier, so my room debris is hastily put in order and we[…]

Getting Dresden up for a night. 19 January. Dresden.

Up and at it. Goodbye Frankfurt, hello Dresden.I find the little I see of Dresden most interesting. Post war plain utilitarian buildings, some protesting with splashes from Mondrian’s palate, abut beautiful grand architecture that was not lost in the flattening of this city. Evidence of its convoluted history.I came to[…]

Me so Paradiso. Thurs 17 Jan, Amsterdam

We are driving to Frankfurt, Nick and I. Nick is my new Tour Manager and we have a nice car. It’s got heated seats and fuck me, it knows where the white lines painted on the road are. That’s refreshing. The sun is low and the trees along the road[…]

Rehearsals. January 13 2019

It’s first day of rehearsal today. This last was a year for family and I think I’ve played live only twice within it.We have just three rehearsal days before the tour, both to install our new band member, and to find out what cues I’ve forgotten, which lyrics have vaporised;[…]

The day after the Other Tour before. 2017.

December 31, 2017 When Paris was done, I sat in my back stage room, blinking. This then was it. There it was, gone. 59 gigs met. How you could bare that there were not 60? Some good few asked. I don’t mind odd numbers. Are you sure about this, Mo?[…]

France. Paris. Alhambra. Dec 20th.

December 21, 2017 We left the hotel in Zurich at 10 and headed to the airport and our flight to Paris. David was flying back to London at a similar time so we travelled there together. We said our goodbyes and headed for our respective gates. On my own wandering,[…]

Switzerland. Zurich. X-tra. Dec 19th.

December 20, 2017 An easy start. 12 O’Clock hook up with Vinny No-Show. Calling him after 15 mins I have patently just woken him up. Sheeeeet! He exclaims. Be down in three! He blurts. Not quite but it was a suitably abashed Vin that met me there some 15 mins[…]

Italy. Milan. Fabrique. 17th Dec.

December 20, 2017 I had the worst night last night. Couldn’t sleep before 2 and was awake again at 4:30am and that was it. My lot. I tried, but my alarm is set for 6am and I’m tired and anxious I will oversleep and miss my 8:30am flight to Italy,[…]