Tour Diary

Oslo. Rockefeller Music Hall. Dec 3rd.

December 4, 2017 Landed in Oslo, we walk to our airport hotel. Here I am suspecting the locals wear summer outfits under foil and goose feather tombs of coat. Outside it’s minus 7. Indoors the cold on my glasses is now condensation and I am steaming in my ‘everyday’ thermal[…]

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Nov 27th.

November 28, 2017 Bollocks. Now I am lost and can’t remember the order of events. This is where I am so saturated with geographical time-lines that I start repeating places in my head like sea-bed objects in a Brain Train exercise. I was in a bed. It was in a[…]

A Nottingham High. Royal Concert Hall. 26th Nov.

November 27, 2017 Sometimes I think it’s easier not to go home. It gets harder to leave every time I do. My poor man is beset by building dust fall-out and the house chokes. My cat wants to be next to my body. She wakes me up throughout the night,[…]

A life less ornery. Bristol Colston Hall. 23rd Nov.

November 24, 2017 I am a hen scratching for yesterday mornings. I find a strand and worry at it. We leave at midday. Vinny has picked me up a pitta wrap that I have ordered on-line so as to spare me another service station fast food outlet. This was certainly[…]

The lights are strung like pearls. Manchester. Nov 22nd

November 23, 2017 21st Nov I had a day off in Manchester. I wandered Christmas markets under drizzling skies. There is always something new to learn, i.e. water resistant means fuck all. I bought a new bra that shaped me just the two tits, as opposed to the four. It’s[…]

York. Barbican. 19th Nov.

November 21, 2017 We left our Bristol hotel at midday and made our way to York. Another beautiful city I will but dip a curtsy to and never get past a By Your Leave. We headed straight for the venue for my soundcheck and Vinny took our cases to check in[…]