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Auckland. ASB Theatre. 14th Oct.

October 15, 2017 6am? Oh fuck off. Why am I awake. Can’t have been more than four hours asleep. Gig tonight and energy to muster. Eyelids are decidedly drawn up like roman blinds. I decide to pack my cases. 3 nights in the same hotel and I have occupied every[…]

In of my head. Night 11th, Day of 12th Oct. Wellington.

October 12, 2017 Sometimes it irritates me, sometimes it makes me smile, depending on how much of an arsehole I am that day. Mostly it irritates me I have travelled thousands of miles in a matter of weeks, mastering the carrying of my load independently, with consideration, precision and adequate[…]

Sydney. The Enmore Theatre. 9th Oct. joy

October 10, 2017 I am in my room, buzzing. I am made so happy from the night I have had tonight. Sydney, you are etched on my heart. I should start at the beginning. I woke too early again. In the gloom of the morning I wandered into FaceBook and[…]

A no-sing day. Moving and still. 0ct 8th

October 9, 2017 We land and head for our hotel. The same place in Sydney as before. My new room is like the last but inverted . That feels odd. Immediately I book a seat in the cinema and, courtesy of my being by myself, bag one of the three[…]

A mosey to Melbourne

October 7, 2017 I fall asleep too late. Too much adrenaline after a gig. I lean crooked against the headboard, waiting for my eyelids to drop of their own volition. I set my alarm optimistically late, so as only to allow for a final pack and a vague wash. I’ll[…]

Adelaide AEC gig. Oct 6th

I am in my room and in my cups post gig and I feel fine. I knew today would be okay. I could feel it in my waters. We got to the venue at 4pm and the dressing room is handsome. They have laid it out thoughtfully and we have[…]