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10th September 2017

And so I begin. I tour a big tour and all with 2 cases and a rucksack. I arrived with G (manager) in Washington last night, having slept through my airplane dinner – even now, new experiences – and she helped me get my cases to my room. I think she was dragging one in a careless manner because I can’t make the handle go down. Brand new too. I’ll share that with her tomorrow. She will likely be nonplussed and I will let it go. I may have become easy going. I don’t know when that happened or if it is some pernicious co morbidly. Just don’t flag it up.

Anyhow. I woke up at 4am. I’ve managed to trash my room. It’s a skill.

We went up the White House this morning. G with her pap camera, Sean McGhee and me. Lovely day. Clean streets. Didn’t see Donny. He probably saw me first and was behind the settee. Either way, he’s got a smashing house – if somewhat overlooked. I’d put in some Leylandi. Who doesn’t love those?

I left the other two sight-seeing to go back to the hotel. I went past a church, Presbyterian. It was a Sunday and now 11am and a service was starting, so I went in. This because they had a poster saying all were welcome including refugees. I liked that. I did a little dance to a chant that they showed us and threw myself into it and then they were blessing children’s backpacks. I had my backpack, but it’s agnostic and I wasn’t going to take the piss. These were nice Christians. Inclusive ones. They want kinder things. Unfortunately I have issues with Abraham though and he always comes up so I left before the end with peace in my heart.

A man was asking for food and I have no cash but I did have a credit card so I went in to Maccy D’s. Woman behind the counter said that this was his fourth Big Mac meal this morning. I said oh well, I’d promised. As I came out with his order ‘No salt’, I passed a woman who had been on her way in to buy his 5th. He did have a fat dog. In my experience no one is happy when you tell them their dog is fat. I said nothing.

Back again in my room now and it approaches 5pm. I have bagged off drinks and dinner tonight as I feel limp and tomorrow is my first gig of this ‘OTHER’ tour and I want to nail it.

This then is my diary because I may never tour this widely again and I will forget all manner of things as is my wont.

Back tomorrow with who knows what. The best of all parcels.

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