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11th September 2017

I slept for 9 hours last night. That’s outrageous. It’s probably the only thing I begrudge the young. Their ability to opt out of consciousness without a by-your-shitting-leave or chemicals. I slept like a youth but still woke up old. Fair do’s.

My hotel floor has a club lounge. I must have got an upgrade. It has a buffet and telly and a coffee machine. I must be the eldest on the floor because I am the first in there. Even unwatched I managed to keep my hands off the almond croissants, but I drank the required amount of coffee for a passer-by to feel assaulted by my pulse.

Today is gig day. I know there are some lyrics I still need to pin down. Unfortunately I can’t remember which. I’ll find out soon enough.

So. I will bathe. I will piss off my hairdresser by refreshing my hair colour with some 2 quid rinse from SuperDrug, and then ease into show mode.


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