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Adelaide AEC gig. Oct 6th

I am in my room and in my cups post gig and I feel fine.
I knew today would be okay. I could feel it in my waters.

We got to the venue at 4pm and the dressing room is handsome.
They have laid it out thoughtfully and we have everything we need or could want.

Ruck sack, hat and new birkenstocks, and that’s all I need.

Sound check is productive.
We shuffle the set a little and evenly distribute the hits so that no one gets restless.
It sounds very workable.

We are all delighted too.
The in-house catering is brilliant. We have real dinner at a gig for the first time in a month.
Lean meat. Fresh vegetables.
Hot. Clean.
We are all thrilled.

Yesterday in the Perth catering I got an electric shock putting my plate in the sink.
I dropped out of physics, but even I know you don’t run a cable with exposed connections behind a tap in use and across a metal draining board.

I think they were nervous and wanted to file a report, but I’m not the litigious type.
Besides. It only smarted a bit.
I had no beef other than I didn’t want some one to die and for me to be sued
It can get tricksy like that.

I am reminded of the time someone at my old record company got done for being inappropriate with the ladies.
He happened to have worked on my album.
It was my bastard photo the press used.
Beast ‘friend of Alison Moyet’.

That was bang out of order.

In my dressing room I fix my hair and make-up listening to my Robin Hobb audio book.
I love a bit of magic, me.
Throw in a dragon and I’m cockahoop.

I am trying to pay little attention to my anxiety but have decided that tonight I will try and control my talking and not shout at the punters.
It’s not a big ask.
Patrons should be able to expect cordiality, and if they stick with the program it is guaranteed.

The sound on stage tonight is ideal.
It is the best I have had this tour.
Round and clean and well balanced.
A venue built for purpose.

It is not a full house tonight but it looks fine. The spaces only noticeable at the back when the lights are drenching the walls.

I sang as well as I could and that is very acceptable and the audience were very respectful and listened.
Yes, the hits were most welcome but they gave me their attention and were open to me.
I was glad of it.

A single shout of ‘Invisible’ but I managed to deflect and not rise to a couple of audible groans when I said I don’t do it.

I do do this though, I said, and continued.

I shall have to remember that one.

The show went well in all the areas I can control.
My riser has carpets and I can’t dance easily on carpets so I honed my stare and shook a little.

It was fine.
I was relieved.

I packed my bags and G told me to stop talking when the crew came in.
She’s not wrong.
Post gig chat is murder on the vocal chords.

We left for the hotel soon after with John and Sean.

Outside the hotel some charming men and a lady were waiting for me with cameras and albums to sign..

G told me to stop talking again and they were very understanding.
They told me to stop talking too.

Not talking is a vile challenge.

Anyway. We took selfies and I signed albums and they were delightful.
I am glad I met them.

In my room I have a half a sandwich and some wine and an early morning flight for Melbourne.

A gig tomorrow.

I like Australians.


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