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Alison’s Message – Christmas 2020

Alison Moyet has written a seasonal message for all her amazing followers – discussing her hiatus from Twitter, tackling her ADHD and offering seasonal greetings to you all.

Darling Chums.

You will be aware that I have deactivated my Twitter account for now. As much as I like nothing so well as to use that place as the garden fence of old. To chat lightly and share bleats that we don’t want carry home. Sparring at dawn and comforting at dusk. I miss so many of you and your supreme kindnesses and astounding fidelity. All the twisty minds and open souls.

It is also a place to squander time like free casino chips and sends us home ashamed.

So I’ve gone on an adventure where I will finally tackle my ADHD and attempt to stay in the room I occupy. To give my focus to those that live beside me. The occupants of my heart.

I will force a book to meet my gaze and my hand to make something worthy of looking at. Meanwhile I send you my love. I hope you are strong and keeping well. I hope this Christmas is as kind as it can be and that you are not too dreadfully lonely. That the world opens to us as soon as is sensible and that we come out into a daylight that is fresh with new life and promise. Hold strong. We each of us count Xxx

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