Tour Diary

New York. New York. So good it’s not an acronym.

15th September 2017 Yesterday in the car as we approach NY, G says, ‘Got your passport, haven’t you Mo?’ It wasn’t a question. Bollocks. No. I’ve not. I left it with my money and iPad in the room safe in Boston. I’m such an arsehole. Neither she nor Tim tried[…]

New York Bound: Tell It Again

14th September 2017 New York, here we come. 4 hours sleep was disappointing. Nice bed. Stupid head. Starbucks with their coffee machine out of order is much like a chocolate teapot, but I am happy. 3 gigs down and I have a day off, albeit a travel day. It’s good[…]


14th September 2017 We conclude our first run of three City hopping shows in Boston. The catalogue of errors we have encountered pushed us beyond frustration into humour. Tim said he knew today that the bus would come (like the Life Of Brian) that he is a magnet for good[…]

Between a rock & roll and a hard shoulder: Boston bound.

13th September 2017 It’s been a morning of consternation mostly. The bus saga continues. After apparently having been fixed twice, it finally collected the crew from the emergency hotel rooms we deposited them in at the 11th hour, but it broke down again shortly after picking them up. At breakfast[…]

We live to die another day

13th September 2017 When I walked into The Trocadero it felt right, like deja vu. Fact is I may have played there before. Your guess is as good as mine. Dougie told me the road the back stage door was on, smelt fetid, surrounded as it was by eateries, and[…]

Walk Ups

September 12, 2017 Today we leave at 1pm to drive to Philadelphia . It’s a funny thing, this touring lark. In one town you are met with packed rooms and tears and are called Most High. In others auditoriums rattle with ghosts and you hope that everyone who comes has[…]

Suddenly it is show time!

September 12, 2017 Suddenly it is show time. We kind of blinked. It’s like that. Months away and then upon you. One of the things I do is to visualise the day after, when I am anxious about an impending event. Remember that you will likely outlive it and the[…]

Gig 1. Sixth and I. Washington DC

12th September 2017 We left the hotel at 4pm and arrived at the venue with John Garden and Sean McGhee already sound checking. It’s a beautiful intimate room. An historical Synagogue. I walked in via the auditorium and my heart sank. Tangy. It sounds tangy and wrong. I bet an[…]

11th September 2017

I slept for 9 hours last night. That’s outrageous. It’s probably the only thing I begrudge the young. Their ability to opt out of consciousness without a by-your-shitting-leave or chemicals. I slept like a youth but still woke up old. Fair do’s. My hotel floor has a club lounge. I[…]

10th September 2017

And so I begin. I tour a big tour and all with 2 cases and a rucksack. I arrived with G (manager) in Washington last night, having slept through my airplane dinner – even now, new experiences – and she helped me get my cases to my room. I think[…]