Alf Deluxe

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  • Label: BMG
  • Release: 25 Nov, 2016
  • Catalog No: BMGCAT2CD79

“I fought with this record for a long time. I resented the ‘star’ it made of me as though I didn’t have a hand in it myself. I like Swain and Jolley. They were nice blokes. We had some issues but they could be solved with a little care from the record company. They were getting what they wanted then so didn’t help.

After working with Vince who never used a chord, it was really interesting to work in a different way. I was glad to be working again. Everything I had done had been so different from the previous projects I though this would be more of that. I wasn’t prepared for the way it was going to define me. It was well received but in many ways it is not helpful to have so much success early on… before you understand the game and your own part in it.

Along with making a record that appealed to the mass market, I had grown decidedly fat during a year of legal wrangling. All of this presented an image of unthreatening cosy womanliness that would haunt me forever. I was a dark and tortured individual and I was expected to be a very fat retiring lady.

Blah Blah Blah. Record sold loads. Record company wanted another single. I didn’t want to sell my supporters more of the same and so suggested recording That Ole Devil song that I did live and was loved by the punters. This was at a time when these old songs were not everywhere. It was not supposed to be a safe move. As it transpired, it sold massively all over … all the old records were re-released, many more re-recorded and there was I, in the middle of the road. To boot I was heavily pregnant and the video of me lounging in velvet, diamanté and bouffant sealed the deal. Bugger. Even here I am attributing that to Alf… it all became one time.

So… I blamed that album and that time for everything. Yes… there are sounds and production values that have dated considerably. I’m not fond of many of my performances…but there are a couple of fine songs (see All Cried Out recorded by Fink… stripped of the production values that have dated and the original bombast…Fink refocuses on chord structure, melody and lyrics…which are to my mind well formed. A good song can stand alone without bell trees and hooky samples. This is how I judge a song well written. Great “tracks” and “records” are a different thing. A big distinction. It is always said for a lyric to work…as simple as it may has to be sung like you mean it. On Alf, my production team always wanted me to be singing at the very top of my range. That I could make a big noise was milked.

It is often received that yelling equals angst. The singing experience then becomes one of physical exertion alone. That passion gets read into is a mirage. My vocal on All Cried Out is one of the better ones on Alf but I lost my enjoyment of it through years of performing it. The vocal in his recording has an honesty. It reminds me what I liked about the song.It was a time of relative freedom. It does not deserve the approbation I heaped upon it…and it supported me in leaner years. Hoorah that Alf! “

Alison, writing here, in May 2007

  • Love Resurrection (2009 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      What can I do to make light of this dull dull day

      What switch can I pull to illuminate the way

      Show me one direction

      I will not question again

      For a warm injection

      Is all I need to calm the pain

      We all need a love resurrection

      Just a little divine intervention

      What seed must I sow to replenish this barren land

      Teach me to harvest I want you to grow in my hand

      Let’s be optimistic, let’s say that we won’t toil in vain

      If we pull together we’ll never fall apart again

  • Honey for the Bees (2016 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      Here I am and I want you to see

      I want to watch you watching me in motion

      To taste the secret side of me

      Every time I look at you

      I know you’re fighting your emotions

      Now you have no choice but to let go

      And dive into my ocean

      Honey for the bees, sugar never was so sweet

      Hold my hand, I’m going to set you free

      I’m gonna let you fly all over me

      Show me a lock and I’ll show you the key

      Every time you feel like holding back

      I’m gonna pull you deeper

      Always steering from the beaten track

      And I will be the reaper

      Honey for the bees, sugar never was so sweet

  • For You Only (2016 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      Ready to embrace the day as we both break

      When the light stole in it found me wide awake

      Wasted from a sleepless night I reach to touch

      your hair

      Withdraw an empty hand for you’re no

      longer there

      In between the silence leaving is an empty space

      Save the ticking of a clock whose hands

      Are sweeping past its face

      And I just don’t want to be lonely night and day

      But as I look around me I just feel that way

      For you only

      I turn my hand to something that would clear

      my head

      But I could not forget the parting words we shared

      I opened up my mind to all the pictures I could


      But I could not recall the contours of your face

      And oh, he slipped away before I had the

      chance to say

      If I did something wrong please tell me I’d

      accept the blame

      For you’re no longer there

  • Invisible (2009 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      You’ve got me so confused and there’s words

      I could use

      But I’m afraid to say them.

      I feel I’ve been had, and I’m boiling mad

      Still I can’t live without you

      You don’t have the time, and you won’t spend

      a dime

      Not even to call me

      You don’t know I exist, and I wouldn’t be missed

      If I had the nerve to quit you.


      I feel like I’m invisible

      You treat me like I’m not really there and you

      don’t really care.

      I know this romance, it ain’t going nowhere.

      Invisible (just like your love)

      You treat me like I’m invisible

      When you get the need to flirt, you do the works

      You just don’t care how much it hurts

      I can never reach you on the phone

      It rings and rings when I know you’re home

      It may be naive but I just wanna believe

      That I’m the only one

      I tell myself lies, and give you alibis

      Knowing your promises you’ll never keep

      Like a merry-go-round I’m going up, going down

      I’m on a dead end street.

      Although I know it’s not a lot

      Don’t wanna lose what little we got

      I keep hanging on knowing I can’t win

      ‘Cause it’s too hard to start over again

  • Steal Me Blind (2016 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      Well my friends I feel it’s time

      To reassess the situation and decide what’s mine

      Every time you steal me blind

      With no consideration for the way I feel inside

      And you just look at me

      Like you don’t understand

      How could we, how could we

      Let it get so out of hand

      Don’t steal me blind

      You, my friends, would bleed me dry

      And with no hesitation you’d pass me by

      And you keep telling me that you don’t understand

      What’s the use, there’s no point in building on sand

      Don’t steal me blind

      There’s a fortune in friendship

  • All Cried Out (2009 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      You took your time to come back this time

      The grass has grown under your feet

      In your absence I changed my mind

      And someone else is sitting in your seat

      I know that I said there’d be no-one else

      I know that I said I’d be true

      But baby - I burned cupid’s arrow

      And here’s the short and the narrow

      I’ve nothing left to offer you

      ‘Cause I’m all cried out

      You took a whole lot of loving for a handful

      of nothing

      All cried out

      It’s hard to give you something

      When you’re pushing and shoving me around

      So don’t look surprised there was no disguise

      You knew where I stood from the start

      So stop - look around you

      You’re right back where I found you

      Take back your cold and empty heart

      You go your way

      I’ll go mine

      I won’t stay around here

      Don’t you waste my time

  • Money Mile (2016 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      Into your car park drive obsolete motors

      With petrol consumption at too high a price

      Sell us through needles at backroom board


      Blindfolded and handcuffed and in single file

      Send us to battle, send us to the front line

      Point us at the enemy, lest we forget

      It’s for our protection, that we lay here slaughtered

      It’s for our survival we bury our dead

      On your money mile, we are the faceless,

      the nameless, the homeless

      On your money mile, there in your fortress

      where you couldn’t care less

      On your money mile we are the caseless,

      the raceless, the hopeless

      On your money mile, you were caught in

      the crossfire, hauling the flag right down

      Hauling the flag right down

      On your money mile

  • Twisting the Knife (2016 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      I watch it trickle from your lips

      Pearls of ripe ruby

      Soaking up your head until you want to

      push through

      Then the world turns red

      And the wine tastes sour

      Pushing back the hand until the midnight hour

      Every door is closing behind you

      There’s no one left to come and find you

      You’re soaking wet but the fire won’t dry you

      I’d like to help but I can’t stand by

      And watch you

      Twisting the knife

      They’ve got you wasting your life

      Can’t stop you twisting the knife

      I’d rather turn out all the lights

      Than see you like this

      Caress me with your anger

      Sting me with your kiss

      You’ve been pushing too hard

      I’ve been trying too long

      Now I don’t believe I have the will to carry on

      We’re taking one step forward then it’s two

      steps back

      I jump the wire but I’m feeling trapped

      It’s other people make you insecure

      I won’t surrender like I did before

  • Where Hides Sleep (2009 Remastered)

    • Lyrics

      Where hides sleep

      Where hides sleep, is she watching me don’t

      desert me now

      Where hides sleep, you’re tormenting me don’t

      forsake me now

      (where is she)

      Take hold of my soul and pull me into darkness

      (come to me)

      Cover me over and stifle my anguish

      Where hides sleep, she’s avoiding me don’t

      evade me now

      Where hides sleep, please don’t torture me

      don’t forsake me now

      (where is she)

      I open my lips to your warm ancient potion

      (come to me)

      I would be still and devoid of emotion

      For I would be slumber that I could be rest

      To curl in warm embers of such peacefulness

      Caressed by oblivion and swallowed by dreams

      I want you to hold me and cover my eyes

      From the cold distant daylight that holds

      no surprise

      You could make me forget

      You could make me believe

      If you’d steal away loneliness

      By any means

  • Love Resurrection (U.S. Long Version) [2016 Remastered]

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  • Baby I Do (2016 Remastered)

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  • Hitch Hike (2016 Remastered)

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  • That Ole Devil Called Love (2009 Remastered)

  • Don't Burn Down the Bridge (2016 Remastered)

  • That Ole Devil Called Love (Jazz Version) [2016 Remastered]

  • Don't Burn Down the Bridge (Extended Version) [2016 Remastered]

  • Twisting the Knife (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)

  • That Ole Devil Called Love (Recorded Live at the Dominion Theatre, London, 1985)