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Gig 1. Sixth and I. Washington DC

12th September 2017

We left the hotel at 4pm and arrived at the venue with John Garden and Sean McGhee already sound checking. It’s a beautiful intimate room. An historical Synagogue.

I walked in via the auditorium and my heart sank. Tangy. It sounds tangy and wrong. I bet an acoustic line up would be fab but with electronica, without an audience to dampen it down, it’s harsh. On stage – bad to worse. A sea of white noise and my brow is heavy. My brow is heavy anyway. I’ve got a Neanderthal brow, like with a proper ridge, right monkey like, but now it’s heavy metaphysically too. Bastard brow.

Anyhow. My brilliant and capable team are doing what they can and I can but hope. Often the scariest sound checks lead to fab gigs. Not as often as fab sound checks do, but it’s not without the realms of possibility.

I am going to comfort graze on the rider and paint my face.

Tell me everything will be fine.

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