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Goodbye New York. Hello Toronto. Saturday, September 16th.

17th September 2017

I went out to buy a bagel for breakfast, but the size of it would have fed half of Andorra. That put me off. I ordered more coffee instead. G left today for England, taking Case 2 with her. I now have 5 weeks of clothes and home comforts in one valise. I still bet I don’t use it all.

Tim and I left NY for Toronto. All easy peasy. We arrived around I have been as silent as the grave. Anyone accustomed to my running commentary would fist pump that statement. I am very good at pointing out all the things you can very well see unprompted. The sky was blue. The sun hot. I kept my own company.

Walked a bit. Sat in my room and watched 2 films I had already seen. This works for me as I can tune out and not lose the plot. I have a very nice room. A wall of windows overlooking the water. Sea? Estuary? I don’t know. It’s definitely water. Were someone here I could point that out, helpfully. In sign language.

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