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Goodbye USA. Don’t be a stranger.

There is fine reason why I must commit myself mostly to a life of solitude on tour. Last night’s hair down was a one off event for a good while at least.

We had planned to go for lunch at Barney’s Beanery at 12:30 but I got a text from G, unaware that the night had been messy, saying the boys were not yet up nor in contact.
That was no hardship for me.
I remained prostrate and wrote my gig blog.
Barney’s was a hang out when I was living in L.A recording Raindancing.
That was a watershed time.
Life was interesting.
Work was not.
I returned home altered then.

I love Barney’s and it is unchanged. World of Pancakes over the road has ponced up a bit, and now there is a fountain.
Lardy da.

We ended up meeting an hour later and hung out together, eating and drinking with some playing pool.

The music backdrop was very pleasing indeed.

At around 4, G, Tim (who was driving), Sean and I headed back to our hotel.
Tim was leaving to fly to England. We shall miss him.
He has been a great travelling companion, albeit that he was not awarded much conversation.
Many will claim that was his bonus.

I went to my room to bath and to divide my luggage so as to include a third bag again.
A leather hold-all Tim has lent me to deal with the over weight case issue.

Having left the Hotel at 8pm, G and I are approaching the airport in a taxi driven by a complete and utter aggressive uber arsehole. Shouting, speeding, hooting and taking offence with everyone behind a wheel.
The rosary beads hanging from his rear mirror could do with a bit more fingering.
He saved his charm until we were fucking off.


We head for Australia a day earlier than the others as I have promo to do before the shows start.

We will meet again in Perth.

I leave America and it is the 28th.
We will arrive on the 30th.
I will lose a day.
It will probably be with my phone.
Where I left it.
Adios America.
I loved you long time.

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