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October 2, 2017

It is 7:12pm and I am in my room and I feel elated.

I love this.

A day of well appointed work and then alone on my own, with a glass of yesterday’s wine and a chicken salad, and a non stop film channel.
Australia’s great.
Yes, there are old guys that inhibit it, but we will all be dead soon and the young people can let love be, and live side by side in a pretty amazing country.
It’s the energy I appreciate.
Life is apparent, and besides, I just feel happy that I currently exist and that I find myself here.
I have had a day of interviews and none that I regret.
Usually I worry that I have overspilled.
Given too much of myself away, but here I am.
Looking out at a dusk sky. Feeling that I have owned my space and am just grateful.
We speak the same language.

Words and bluntly, and that makes me feel at home.
Tomorrow I will attempt to be more specific.
Tonight I am just happy to be a part of a world that turns still.

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