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New York Bound: Tell It Again

14th September 2017

New York, here we come. 4 hours sleep was disappointing. Nice bed. Stupid head.

Starbucks with their coffee machine out of order is much like a chocolate teapot, but I am happy.

3 gigs down and I have a day off, albeit a travel day. It’s good to give the vocal chords a little respite.

To this end, my friend Steve is meeting me in NY with his husband and indeed my friend too, Robin. I ‘met’ Steve online many years ago, first as a fan and now he runs my internet life, curated my repackages and reminds me where I’ve been. He is also my pub quiz team buddy. Smart fucker that he is. I send these posts to him and he puts them up. If I never nailed a video recorder, and I never did, I don’t have any pretension of getting tricksy with modern tomfoolery. Anyway. They are both advocates of the cocktail and we shall dine tonight. I’ve pre warned them that I can’t speak. I’m going to be a laugh a minute, but at least they’ll be able to get a word in. Their Christmas has come early.¬†

I forgot to say that last night as Sean and I were getting ready to go on stage, John (MD) was noticeable by his absence. Transpires he didn’t get the ‘You’re going on earlier’ memo and had found himself a smashing Cobb Salad in some stroll away restaurant. He said he just managed to sample lightly every element of his dinner and ascertained that he was going to love it when he got the call to shift his harris and had to leave it behind like a girl in port. Tears and all. That was a thrilling story, wasn’t it? Bet you’re glad I remembered it.

‘Tell it again!!!’

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