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Toronto, Ont: The Danforth Music Hall. Before the show. September 17th

17th September 2017

I have kept myself to myself today. Stayed silent. Had room service soup. Found a channel on telly that talks to me and sorted my case, again, for a change. Bath. Ironing. Trying out a straw blowing technique for tired voices that someone on Alison Moyet Facebook page suggested, then met Tim in the lobby to get a cab to the venue.

This hall brings to mind a Kinks song, tho’ I can’t remember which. Might not even be the Kinks. My stories are unreliable like that.

Soundchecked very lightly. I don’t want to chance it without a serious warm up and the straw method is still an unknown quantity to me.

We have a support act tonight. That means I don’t go on ‘til 9. A couple of hours to kill then before it’s time to get ready. That’s not a problem. I kill time without mercy or conscience. Sent out for some spaghetti. Going to watch some Netflix in this room. The sofa is comfy.

My dressing room

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