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Walk Ups

September 12, 2017

Today we leave at 1pm to drive to Philadelphia . It’s a funny thing, this touring lark. In one town you are met with packed rooms and tears and are called Most High. In others auditoriums rattle with ghosts and you hope that everyone who comes has a full girth to squeeze out the yawning spaces that will occupy the best seats. Most of these shows are sold and sold out quickly. Philly and tomorrow Boston, how shall I say? Have tickets available.

If you like to do that break dancing business, we can accommodate you on these two occasions. Don’t, but I don’t mind telling you there is the facility. On gigs like this, it is even more important to me that everyone leaves feeling they are in on a great secret. We should have a special hand shake. Have a club pinky ring.

It’s going to be brilliant.

And then there are always the Walk Ups.

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